List of Options
These are options I suggest to persons that contact me asking howthey can dispose of a model train collection they have inherited.

-Selling the collection
I run a quarterly model train event at Niles Depot (Fremont CA).If you donate the items to me I will find a home for them. I suggestyou look at options below for selling your model trains, and forany items that don't sell, or when you become tired of the process,donate the remaining items to me.

Trainz.comThis is a commercial website that buys and sells model trains. Yousend them a list of your collection and if they are interested they will send you a quote.

Hattons UK -- is a model train store in the UK that buys collectionsworld wide. Email your list of items to they will contact you with a quote if they are interested.They handle shipping to the UK.

EurowestAnnual model train show in July in San Carlos.You would need to pay for a seller table at this show, transportyour items and try to sell your items during the show.

International RailfairAnnual model train show in Roseville, will be held in Sacramentobeginning in October 2020.You would need to pay for a seller table at this show, transportyour items and try to sell your items during the show.

EbayFrom my experience, it takes at least 5 hours per item to sell thingson Ebay. If you have 200 items, you need to think about spending1,000 hours. That is 6 months of full time work, selling on Ebay. Even if you  put in the hours, there is no guarantee that you would make much if any profit after all your expenses.

-Other options
Disperse the collection to family membersI can help with this. We can review all the items you have and figureout how to break up the collection so that each family member getsa representative selection.

Donate to a local model train clubIf you need help with this, let me know. I can help you locate amodel train group local to you. I am a member of two model trainclubs and I can take donations for both of them.

Create a display for you and/or other family membersIt is not that difficult to create a wall display of some or all of theitems you have. You might let each relative choose one or moreitems they like and create a display for each person.

Keep the model trainsGet the model trains repaired and/or restored so that you and yourfamily can enjoy them.

Help sell my Märklin model trains

Help sell my Roco model trains

Help sell my model train magazines

Help sell my model train books

Help sell my railroad magazines

Help sell my railroad books