Index of Recordings

Index of recordings of Zoom meetings reviewing Swiss Alps Rail Tour September 3-18, 2022

Day 0 -- Zoom Recording October 13, 2022

October 13, 2022 Zoom Recording Index0:00:14 -- review Niles Depot Model Train Event 9/25/2022 0:09:40 -- preview Niles Depot Model Train Event 12/18/20220:14:30 -- Review my recent Swiss Alps Rail Tour (ECHO Trails)0:16:14 -- find scanned docs on my website from tour0:18:11 -- review ECHO Trails website --> Swiss Alps Rail Tour 0:20:12 -- review Swiss Map on website0:22:09 -- Swiss Alps Rail Tour day-by-day on the map0:33:30 -- Swiss Alps Rail Tour Day 0 -- Zurich airport to Lucerne0:40:04 -- Zurich HBF0:47:14 -- Leaving Zurich HBF0:49:04 -- Eisenbahnatlas/Google Maps -- the rail route on the map0:52:25 -- tunnel rescue train0:53:20 -- arrive Lucerne train station0:54:35 -- walk to hotel Continental Park0:56:52 -- rooftop bar Hotel Monopol, views of Rigi and Pilatus0:59:22 -- view of preserved Lucerne station entrance0:59:59 -- dinner at the hotel outside in the park1:02:16 -- map showing Swiss cantons and coats of arms1:03:53 -- map showing three regions of Switzerland